Spread your Wings – The intention is to help and encourage students to enhance linguistic skills, to encourage creative thinking, and improve effective communication through the use of multiple medium – that is what the Literary Club plans to propagate and implement in IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata. The individual forms could be poetry, articles/essays, stories, skits, or travelogues. It strives in developing an unbounded and strong platform to bring the overall development of the students. It not only commits itself to Business communication but discovers new vistas for our mother tongue, or any language. The committee provides opportunities for students to express themselves very confidently and creatively.

The student members of the club are responsible for generating these newsletters named ‘Uniq-Buzz.’ It is their unwavering passion and toil that made this newsletter series possible. IQ City United World School of Business, the premier B-School in Kolkata, is always buzzing with some or the other exciting activities that give aspiring students the opportunity to learn while having fun. Uniq-Buzz captures the essence of what it is like to be an MBA or BBA student at IQ City UWSB, Kolkata.