Making the right career choice

Prof. Kumar Sourav, Assistant Professor, IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata A good and timely career choice is one of the most vital aspects of anyone’s life. Good thing is that it’s not that tough and the bad news is, if not taken appropriately and timely, would make us pay forever. Very often we mistake the career attractiveness by the perks or money associated with it. As a matter of facts all the career choices are equally good as far as money and more importantly prestige is concerned. We have been hearing that all the works are equal but in practicality this is not the case. We used to witness earlier that some jobs were ill paid and not looked well upon .I am glad to inform that things are changing at a brisk rate. We have many celebrities who are role model and are from varied fields. They have distinguished themselves by bringing something unique. We see travel bloggers, tech blogger, bike bloggers, painter, data analyst, choreographer and the list continues. If we take a look in to their life we would notice that they are successful and one of the main reason being that they are in love with their work. I strongly believe that everyone is capable of doing something unique, we just need to discover ourselves. We end up looking at others while making career decisions. We should look inwards and ask to ourselves before making any career decisions. Discovery of ourselves and then heading towards that, would definitely make us fall in love with our work and that is a guarantee of our success in our life. Now, the question arises, how easy or tough it is to find ourselves. It depends on us, sooner we find ourselves, better we are in to the right track. Here are some ways to search ourselves
  • Assess our ability by identifying the interest area
  • Check which all things intrigue us
  • List all the hobbies in particular
  • Analyse and sort the list on interest level
  • Eliminate the least prioritized
  • List all the positions or experience in the interest field
  • It is helpful sometimes to talk to our peers and enquire about us by them; it is just for the reference.
It good to do the job which best suits our interest and personality as well. The day we start loving our job is the day we begin to excel. Work shouldn’t be mundane or boring, rather it should be exciting, engaging and dazzling. If career choices are made as per our intrinsic characteristics then success as well as satisfaction awaits us. Here are some tips about management as a career if one wants to pursue it.