Digital Detox In Pandemic Era

Dr. Ranita Basu, IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata In last few years Digital detox has become a significant area in HRM. Detox. In this world of growing technologies, digital detox has become an utmost important factor, through which people can feel and realize the actual importance of being connected to humans or more specifically the damaging effect of overusing technology. Pandemic has played a very vital role in almost everyone’s life all over the world. Along with the bane, people have also witnessed the boons of Pandemic. Digital detox and tech savvy- two important factors evolving so strongly, and after the pandemic it is evolving even stronger with a whole new connotation. It is a well-known fact, that technology is the key factor behind all industrial revolutions. It is also considered as the backbone for all the industrial development. But, as every coin has two sides, needless to mention, technology has also some negative impacts. As it is said that, anything in extreme is bad; in the same way when technology is used for a prolonged period of time without any proper purpose, e.g., excessive access to digital device, social media, apps, digital games etc., becomes harmful for us. In this new era of HR, digital detox helps people to recover from this issue. Following the same context, the significant role of Digital Detox should be mentioned. It is usually a process, where all the digital connections are cut off, and people are encouraged to get engaged in practicing their hobbies, spending some quality time with their friends, families or loved ones, or any productive activity which are stress relieving in nature. In recent times, many organizations took the initiative and offered their employees an opportunity to be a part of their digital detox program, as a part of the HR activities. Many organizations took their employees for a vacation, and the technological connection is cut off, phone calls are limited and they can enjoy time in the lap of nature, play outdoor/indoor games, sing, dance, basically rejuvenate themselves.