Management as a career

Prof. Debangshu Mukherjee, Sr. Lecturer, IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata

MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and earning an MBA degree will open doorways for employment almost in every sectors in today’s world of cut throat competition from finance to logistics. MBA is preferred graduate business degree that teaches a student technical, managerial and management skill.  Earning a MBA degree enhances vital competencies including improving communication skills and personality. Post MBA career in India:
MBA (Marketing) : A specialization in this domain will teach students about market analysis, consumer behaviour, product development, advertising, branding, and sales strategy. This field also focuses heavily on soft skills such as communication and relationship management. Marketing is the essence of any business, which means every company in every industry will be looking for such talent. Thus, there is a wealth of opportunities available for marketing specialists.
MBA (Finance) : Under an MBA in Finance specialization, students will pursue courses on accounting, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, banking, portfolio management, international finance, private equity, and venture capital, among others. Employers for MBA graduates with a finance specialization include investment banks, asset management companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, consulting companies, and corporates.
MBA (HR): Businesses need people like cars need engines. A company’s workforce is its most essential component and effectively managing this workforce falls under the purview of human resources managers. Some courses that you will take up while pursuing an MBA in Human Resources are strategic human resource/talent management, human resource economics, cross-cultural human resource management, performance management, compensation and reward management MBA in Human Resources specialists will find opportunities at small firms as well as multinational organizations across all industries.
Other specializations: With the booming technology industry in India, an MBA in Information Technology has also grown in popularity among students. Another by-product of the global technological revolution is the field of data analytics. Knowing how to gather data and derive insights from it to drive business growth has become a key competitive advantage for companies, thus making graduates of an MBA in Business Analytics attractive propositions. There are multiple other specializations available these days. Choosing MBA as a career can give an extra edge to our professional career that can guide us to stand alone from the crowd of jobseekers.