Planning to pursue a BBA course in Kolkata? Here is a list of management

Advancement in technologies and exigencies of the pandemic have made the business world more complex and competitive. As a result, you must stay abreast with the management trends so you thrive in this modern-day business world. If you are planning to pursue a BBA course in Kolkata, here is a list of management trends to watch in 2023:  
  1. A shift towards digital and remote work
In the last few years, there has been a significant shift with regard to technological advancement and attitudes towards work. The new workplace landscape has increased reliance on cloud-based networks to support remote work. All these changes also mean that the role and scope of project managers’ responsibilities are also changing.  There will be more focus on flexibility and team dynamics in managing both the technical and human aspects of team projects.  
  1. Data analytics will remain the game changer
  There are no two ways that 2023 and the coming years will be all about data management. Companies that will be able to extract actionable insights through data management will be able to innovate faster than others. Instead of big data, the trend that has emerged is “right data” analytics. Armed with the right data, businesses and managers can keep their eye on trends and make decisions proactively. Managers can see how employees are adapting to change in real time.  
  1. Flatter organisation structures
The future workplace will be more dynamic,  flexible and less structured.  This is why you will see the continuing trend of flatter organisation structures next year too. The disruption brought by the pandemic compelled many companies to re-evaluate their structures, as remote work showed them that too many layers of decision-makers are impeding decision-making. In a flatter structure, all employees share authority as well as decision making. Flatter organisation structures gain from more motivated employees and less bureaucracy.  
  1. Managers stepping up as change agents
  As the pace of the business world is changing, more companies are expecting employees at managerial levels above to become more aware of changing management practices. Managers are now seen as agents of change and are expected to handle various aspects of large-scale initiatives. This is why you will see a trend of more companies investing  in coaching and skill-building of their managers.  
  1. Increased prevalence of artificial intelligence and automation in project management
  The widespread use of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning and data collection and analysis is not just limited to the technical aspects of the business.  It has made inroads to project management.  The future leaders are expected to use project management software to help streamline their work and meet their goals. AI-driven software has the capacity to guide project managers with important decisions, predict outcomes, estimate timelines, analyse risk and optimise resource distribution.       Want to pursue a BBA course in Kolkata? Explore UWSB Kolkata   We, at IQ City United World School of Business, offer a 3-year BBA programme. The BBA syllabus course is aimed at laying a solid foundation for you to pursue an MBA or succeed in the world of business. The programme is designed to provide holistic education. Besides core management subjects, the course lays strong emphasis on the development of communication skills, quantitative reasoning and analytical skills in line with the needs of the changing business landscape. You can specialise in:
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