Seeking MBA admission in Kolkata? Here are some common questions that are asked in interviews

An MBA interview is the final step in the admissions process as selectors want to understand your passion behind pursuing  an MBA programme and how it will benefit your career. It is important that you research properly what kind of questions are asked during the interview. When you are well-prepared to answer,  you will be more confident and articulate.  If you are seeking MBA admission in Kolkata, here are some common questions that are asked in MBA interviews:   Question 1. Tell me something about yourself: Talk about your experience, background, and accomplishments straightforwardly. Also, it is important to limit your response to just a few minutes and establish important talking points about the programme.   Question 2. What motivates you to pursue an MBA degree? Explain to them the reasons why you want to get an MBA degree, and that can help you reach your professional career goals. Moreover, it is best to emphasise your interests and talents and how they are related to the field.   Question 3. Why do you want to join this business college? If an interviewer asks this question, you have to share all the reasons why this course is the right choice for you. Course curriculum, faculty, job placements, and industry contracts are some factors to be considered. Also, state the features that distinguish the college or course and why you are interested in it.   Question 4. Why should we take you in? This question is your chance to show the university why you are an ideal candidate. Demonstrate how hard work and dedication have earned you impressive achievements in both academics and your career—and explain how these qualities will enrich the experiences of everyone else involved with the programme.   Question 5. What are your strengths and weaknesses? When preparing for a job interview, you’ll likely be asked to discuss your strengths and weaknesses. It’s essential to demonstrate humility when presenting this information – rather than focusing on the positives about yourself first, point out an area of improvement that you have addressed or continue working towards improving.   Question 6. What are your immediate and long-term objectives? Taking the first steps towards achieving your goals happens now. Define what you want to do in the short term and have a plan of action for how to make it happen. For long-term success, let your passions drive you – an MBA can help equip you with skills that will enable growth further down the road.   Question 7. How would an MBA help you advance in your career? If an interviewer asks this question, this is where you should explain how important it is to pursue an MBA degree. Explain how it offers a unique combination of innovative, strategic thinking that many offer professional degrees do not provide. Also, explain to the interviewer how this degree will give you an edge as it opens up doors of opportunity.   Are you looking for MBA admission in Kolkata?   We, at IQ City United World School of Business (IQ City UWSB), offer 2-year full-time MBA. We are among the top 10 private business schools in West Bengal, in 2022. We offer MBA specialisations in:  
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