Looking for more information on MBA colleges with placements: check these FAQs

Looking for more information on MBA colleges with placements: check these FAQs

An MBA is a prestigious degree that is highly appreciated by employers. It helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of business practices and prepares you for managerial roles. When it comes to choosing the right business schools, placements are an important factor. If you are looking for MBA colleges with placements, here are some FAQs and their answers that you will find useful:

Question 1: What are some good MBA colleges with placements in Kolkata?

IQ City United World School of Business (IQ City UWSB) is among the leading MBA colleges with placements. We help you choose the right career path based on your interests and strengths through our dedicated placement cell. We work with you to identify your strengths, passion and interests that play a key role in choosing the right career path. Reputed companies such as ITC Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser, Emami Agrotech, Colgate Palmolive, PWC SDC, MTR Foods, Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd, HDFC bank, Reliance securities and IDFC bank are key recruiters.

Question 2: What are the steps involved in placement?

Usually, the placement process in MBA colleges follows the below steps:

  • Pre-placement presentation: The pre-placement presentation gives you an overview of the company and the position that you are applying for.
  • Qualifications: The qualifications stage checks whether you meet the minimum requirements for the role or not.
  • Written examination: The written examination tests your knowledge of core subjects.
  • Group discussion: The group discussion assesses your ability to work in a team.
  • Technical interview: The technical interview gauges your understanding of specific concepts.
  • Formal interview: The formal interview is used to evaluate your overall suitability for the role.
  • Post placement discussion: It involves assigning your duties and responsibilities.

Question 3: How do MBA colleges ensure good placement?

A good MBA college prepares you to be job-ready. At IQ City UWSB, our goal-oriented pedagogy prepares you to become proactive leaders and problem solvers. In addition, our placement cell prepares you for group discussions and personal interviews.

At IQ City UWSB, we are dedicated to ensuring your long-term employability by aligning the learning outcomes with the current industry needs. To make our students job-ready, we offer:

  • Live project: We offer a variety of live projects for you to work on throughout the year. These projects provide valuable real-world experience that helps you hone your skills. Reputed retail and FMCG brands offer you the opportunity to work on live projects that range from 1 week to 1 month.
  • Summer internship: After the end of the 2nd semester, we take you to a 2-month summer internship. We encourage you to take the internships that lead to pre-placement offers as most brands hire students who do internships.
  • Industry institute interface programme: We recognise the importance of keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Which is why we regularly invite experts from different backgrounds to interact with you on a biweekly basis. These experts share their knowledge and experience that helps you to become more industry-ready.

Question 4: How to choose the best MBA colleges with placements in Kolkata?

Placements are one of the important parameters that you have to look for before taking an MBA admission. It is important to check the websites of the MBA colleges that you have shortlisted.

To know about our placement cell, click here.

Question 5: What is on-campus placement and off-campus placement?

  • On-campus placement: On-campus placement is where companies visit the campus of a college or institute to interview you for employment. This is an opportunity for companies to gauge your potential as a future employee. The interview process may vary depending on the company. After the interviews, companies make selections and sometimes offer jobs and salary figures.
  • Off-campus placement: The process of finding a job after graduation is known as off-campus placement. If you are not able to find a job through your college’s on-campus placement process, you can resort to this method. The process of off-campus placement can be quite challenging. However, there are many resources available to help you with your job searches, such as career counseling and job fairs.

Are you looking for MBA colleges with placements?

If you are searching on the internet with the phrases such as “MBA colleges near me” or “MBA colleges in Kolkata”, visit IQ City United World School of Business. We offer you practical exposure through 2 months of summer industry internship. Our placement cell invites reputed MNCs for the campus drive. For more details about our MBA course, mail us at admissions@unitedworld.in or call us at +91 9163850000, +91 9163165000.