For students planning to get admission in MBA colleges: here are some tips to improve your focus

If you are planning to get admission in an MBA college, it is essential that you prepare for entrance exams, group discussions and face-to-face interviews. It is important to be focused while preparing to get admission in MBA colleges. As one of the reputed MBA private colleges in India, we share with you some tips for you to improve your focus:

1. Eliminate distractions:

It is difficult to be focused if you are constantly distracted. You have to block time for your studies. During this time, you should be alone at a place where there’s less disturbance – it could be a library, coffee shop or your study room. Switch off your mobile phone or close social media apps, silence notifications, and keep your phone hidden from sight, if possible.

2. Create a quiet study area:

The ambience of your study plays an important role in ensuring that you stay focussed. For example, if you study in a room which is beside the main road, it will be difficult for you to concentrate because of traffic noise. Choose a room that is not near the main road. Also, make sure it gets ample natural light and has proper artificial lighting.

3. Avoid multitasking:

If you do multiple activities at a time, it leads to poor concentration, lower focus and lower productivity. Talking to your friends over the phone while working on an assignment or cooking while studying are some examples of multitasking. It not only decreases your concentration levels but also affects your work quality.

4. Fix a routine:

It is always better to make a daily study routine and stick to it. Plan your study hours as per your curriculum. Also, consider how much time is available to you after coming back from college/tuition.

5. Train your brain:

Playing games such as crossword puzzles, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles and chess can help you boost your concentration levels. According to a study, spending just 15 minutes a day on activities that target a range of cognitive functions such as attention and visual memory can help to improve brain function.

6. Exercise regularly:

It has been found that regular exercise releases some chemicals that are key for mental sharpness. Regular exercise can not only increase attention levels, but also relieve stress. Participating in sports that include working with others can help you develop social skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, decision making and time management skills. Also, playing sports can boost your confidence levels.

7. Take a short break:

It is difficult to maintain your focus for extended periods of time. You may start making mistakes or you may find your attention wandering more and more often. It is a good idea to study for 20 minutes to 30 minutes at a stretch and then take a 10-minute break. You can use this break to either listen to your favourite music or go for a short walk.

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