Useful insights on finance and business-related career paths after pursuing the best finance MBA programmes

Students who have an interest in finance, investments and related fields can opt for a specialisation in finance when pursuing their MBA programme. Doing so would allow them to explore various career opportunities in the finance sector. From asset management to investment banking, all of these roles are open to such graduates. As one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata, we share some of the useful insights about career paths for students pursuing a MBA in finance:

Investment banking:

Investment banking is one of the most desired career paths for students pursuing MBA in finance. Students working in this role will be responsible for guiding corporations and institutions through crucial transactions. These transactions could involve acquisitions and mergers, or raising capital.

Corporate finance:

Graduates with an MBA degree in finance can join large corporations and handle their financial operations. There are different roles within organisations when it comes to corporate finance, ranging from treasurer to financial analysts. MBA graduates will be engaged with activities, such as risk management, budgeting and overall financial planning.

Venture capital

Venture capital firms are always on the lookout for MBA graduates with a specialisation in finance. Such employees can help assess potential investment opportunities. They can also improve the performance of current investments and manage the portfolios efficiently. Whether it is an established company or a startup, MBA graduates can play a pivotal role in the business’s growth with their knowledge of the market.

Asset Management:

Graduates also have the opportunity to become asset managers. Asset management firms employ them to analyse current market trends and make informed decisions based on such analysis. As an asset manager, MBA graduates would need to maximise returns from a client’s investments.

Risk Management

With a MBA degree in finance, students can also pursue a career as risk managers. These professionals are in charge of ensuring that an organisation can evaluate and mitigate various types of risks, be it financial or operational.

Financial analysis:

As a financial analyst, MBA graduates can analyse data and provide valuable information regarding a company’s investment decisions. Investment analysts and equity analysts are just some of the job roles open in this particular sector.

Management consulting

Top-tier MBA programmes often provide students with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, making them ideal candidates for management consulting positions. Finance MBA graduates can work for consulting firms, advising clients on financial and strategic matters to improve their business operations.

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