One of the Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata 2024

Even though getting an MBA isn’t exactly outside of the norm, it is different from other degree programs. People who want to get this degree need to have a few traits, such as the drive to learn something new, the persistence to keep learning skills, and the confidence to try new things and be open to new ideas. A prestigious business school is the perfect place for these important traits to grow and reach their full potential. There are a lot of good private MBA colleges in Kolkata. They range from new private colleges to business schools that have been around for a long time and are connected to the government. This blog is about IQ City United World School of Business, a school that has been praised by both students and businesses for its hard work and dedication since the beginning.

What are the best MBA Colleges in Kolkata for 2024?

When we open newspapers or magazines these days, the pages are full of ads for the best MBA schools in Kolkata. Each business school says it’s the best. But are they all the best? Of course not. In fact, there aren’t that many business schools that can be called the best in the country.

What do we mean when we say “the best MBA college”? Let us find out.

It’s hard to say what is “best” without bias. One person’s best may not be another person’s best. But when we talk about the best MBA colleges in Kolkata, we mean colleges or institutions that are known for offering high-quality MBA (Master of Business Administration) education and the whole learning process. These colleges or institutions must also be approved by the AICTE. The best MBA schools are usually ranked among the best schools in the country. These schools are well-known for many things, such as their excellent facilities, industry-relevant courses, top-notch teaching, industry connections, successful alumni, internships, and strong job placements. Basically, the best MBA program is one that effectively prepares students for leadership roles in the business world through rigorous academics, real-world experiences, and networking chances that help students grow professionally and achieve success.

Technology and new ideas

Did you know that the IQ City United World School of Business is built on new ideas and technology? Yes, you did read that right. The business school is on top of the latest technology changes and knows how to include them in its lessons. Hybrid Classrooms were made by the business school so that students in their last term can attend classes from anywhere in the country. These technologies are also useful for students who have been placed but can’t go to classes on campus. The IQ City United World School of Business Online Learning Management System combines cloud computing and Software apps to offer online access to course materials, instructor notes, presentations, content for before and after study, and other knowledge-based parts. As an add-on to IQ City United World School of Business, the Examination Platform lets students take online tests and lessons and get ready for homework that they need to do ahead of time. IQ City UWSB has one more thing to be proud of. The Times of India placed IQ City United World School of Business Kolkata fifth among the “Top 10 private B-schools of West Bengal, 2022.” We are very proud of this achievement. We’re giving this to all of the B-School kids, teachers, and staff.

Getting ranked and noticed

The IQ City United World School of Business (IQ City UWSB) in Kolkata trains students to be global managers and gives them a world-class education in management. Students are ready for the difficulties of the job market thanks to technology-driven classroom lectures, case studies, CEO lectures, live projects, and internships that put them in touch with people in the industry. The main focus is on hands-on learning rather than teaching and learning methods based on textbooks.   The School offers extras like certification courses, the chance to learn from home, and the chance to start an entrepreneurial business. One of the best teaching groups in the country works at IQ City UWSB. UWSB is a well-known and respected MBA College in Kolkata. It has always been at the top of management education centers in Kolkata when it comes to offering excellent teaching, courses that are relevant to the workplace, and chances to learn by doing.

Getting to Know the Other Side

Just making sure that students who are already doing well do well doesn’t make a school naturally the best. The real test of an institute’s quality, though, is how well it can bring out extraordinary promise in people who seem normal. This goal pushes UWSB to always improve its lessons and ways of teaching and learning. The business school has always tried to help its students improve themselves in both personal and professional ways. Every student who gets an MBA from UWSB goes on to become a manager in a global business, showing that the school is dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.

Business Connection

IQ City UWSB works with more than 360 groups all over the world. Students in the MBA program at IQ City United World School of Business (IQ City UWSB) are ready to do well in the business world in India and other countries. Students who are accepted into the school must work hard and learn a lot. They will need to be helped by their own creative efforts and the strict guidance of the IQ City United World School of Business faculty.

A Good Education: 

In order to stay true to its goal of being the best business school in Kolkata, UWSB has always put a high value on keeping a high level of education. This is possible because the college has well-known teachers, a curriculum that fits the needs of businesses, and classes that combine theoretical and practical themes. So, when students finish the MBA program, they are skilled workers who can handle the challenges of working in business in the real world.


The National Scholarship Program (NSP) at UWSB helps every student reach their goal of getting a degree in management. The NSP recognizes the hard work of kids who do well in school and in other areas as well. Faculty: The teachers are the most important part of any MBA college in Kolkata. A school or college can’t reach its full potential without good teachers. Because UWSB Kolkata knows this, it pays special attention to housing staff members who are very good at their jobs. They teach in the classroom and urge students to get involved in hands-on activities that let them use what they’ve learned in real life.

Parents of alumni: 

The community of alumni is a good indicator of the quality and image of a school because they often spread good word of mouth about their alma mater. IQ City United World School of Business has a big network of former students. More than 3500 graduates now work for more than 360 companies around the world. These graduates stay in touch with UWSB through creative programs like IQ City United World School of Business Alumni Engage, which aims to connect with graduates on a personal level and include them in all parts of UWSB work.

Experience from real life

Last but not least, UWSB puts a lot of stress on giving every student real-world experience. All students are required to participate in the Summer Internship Program (SIP). This program gives them hands-on experience with a variety of businesses and how they work in the real world. Beyond Education activities at UWSB include Boardroom Simulation, Serendipity, and Corporate Connect sessions, among others. These give students a taste of the business world and prepare them for problems they may face in the real world. One of the most important things about an MBA College in Kolkata is how well it places students. Numerous students are drawn to MBA programs with strong job success records. When it comes to this, UWSB is ahead of its rivals. Because of its excellent placement record, the business school has stayed ahead of the game when it comes to job placement. Its large network of more than 360 business partners around the world helps its students get hired for highly sought-after jobs. Over 100 business recruiters visit UWSB every year, which leads to students getting good job offers.