How do MBA colleges in Kolkata help students improve interpersonal skills?

The corporate world is a highly competitive environment where only knowledge about business is not enough. MBA students must also develop impeccable interpersonal skills to move up the career ladder. Among these skills, communication and emotional intelligence are must for success in this field. This is why most reputed MBA colleges focus on teaching interpersonal skills to students. Here, we share some of the ways in which MBA colleges help students to develop their interpersonal skills during the course tenure.

Communication skills:

Effective communication is at the core of interpersonal skills. MBA programmes emphasise communication skills in various ways:

  • Classroom discussions: MBA classrooms are often a collaborative space where faculty members encourage students to share their ideas and opinions about particular topics. Such open discussion between a group of students can help them attain better communication skills. These discussions can result in students being able to express themselves more clearly.
  • Team projects: Working in a team requires the right attitude and approach. During MBA courses, students may often need to participate in team projects, where they place the team’s needs before their own. Such projects are also the perfect opportunity to develop camaraderie and team spirit. These qualities and skills are exceptionally important in all corporate environments these days.
  • Public speaking workshops: Through specialised workshops and modules, MBA students can get over their anxiety related to public speaking. Also, they may need to give presentations during the course in front of the classroom, which can also be a good way to improve public speaking.

Conflict resolution and negotiation:

Conflicts can arise at different times in the workspace. MBA graduates must know how to deal with such conflicts and diffuse any tension in a professional manner:

  • Case studies: Specific case studies are devised and given to MBA students. In these cases, students need to analyse the conflict presented and think of creative ways to resolve the issues. This practical approach can help them to act quickly when a real conflict does arise in the workplace.
  • Negotiation exercises: MBA colleges help students develop the skills necessary to become better and effective negotiators in a professional environment. Faculty members may come up with unique situations and divide the classroom into groups to negotiate with each other. For instance, the classroom can be divided into two groups with each group representing a company. Then, the two groups may be asked to negotiate a merger of the two companies.

Emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence refers to the skill that allows students to control their own emotions and influence the emotions of others around them. In a corporate setting, there is always a high demand for executive with great emotional intelligence:

  • Leadership development: Leadership skills are developed during MBA courses to manage teams efficiently.
  • Critical thinking: The MBA curriculum and project work also enable students to critically assess problems and come up with solutions. This ability is highly desirable in professionals, especially those aspiring to reach managerial and leadership positions.

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