Habits of successful MBA applicants: useful insights by IQ city UWSB Kolkata

An MBA degree has the potential to open up several career opportunities for students – they can work in diverse sectors such as technology, management, marketing, manufacturing and hospitality. However, it takes hard work to crack MBA entrance exams and make it through the 2 years of studies and internship. Much of the hard work that makes MBA applicants successful involves the cultivating of certain habits. Here we, at IQ City UWSB Kolkata,  share some of the habits of successful MBA applicants:

  Habit 1:   Successful MBA applicants start early  

To pursue an MBA, students need to take time to reflect upon their career goals. It takes time to research MBA programmes and determine which specialisation is best suited for them. Successful MBA applicants start their research early on to understand their own motivations and core strengths. They spend time preparing for entrance exams and research schools.  Most successful students start preparing six months before form submission deadlines.  

Habit 2:   Successful MBA applicants are well-organised

  Planning and setting priorities and goals is one of the most important steps to take during the MBA journey. To demonstrate their MBA readiness, most successful students create a plan. This plan could include:
  • Creating a routine: Having a consistent day-to-day and week-to-week routine helps students to stick to their schedule. Successful MBA students establish time blocks that will be spent doing studies and recreational activities.
  • Setting rules for themselves: Successful MBA students are self-disciplined and they do not wait for others to make rules for them. They set rules for themselves and understand what they need to complete each day and not feel rushed to complete an assignment.
  • Set early deadlines: Successful MBA students set early deadlines for themselves. This helps in planning ahead and completing assignments earlier than the actual due dates.

Habit 3:   Successful MBA applicants work on their strengths and weaknesses

Many MBA students prepare for several entrance exams at the same time. Successful MBA students are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. For instance, if a student is weak in group discussions, he or she will practise by participating in mock GDs by involving your college friends.    

Habit 4:   Successful MBA applicants are coachable

  Coachability means the willingness to accept feedback and accordingly make changes. Successful MBA applicants collaborate with their teachers and mentors. They pay attention to what their coaches have to say about business school research, career goals, or any other specific feedback.  

Habit 5:   Successful MBA applicants work hard and smart

  There’s no substitute for hard work. Successful MBA applicants understand this and make sure they not only work hard but also smart. They always look for ways to work in more effective, efficient and planned ways to complete their work.    

Habit 6:   Successful MBA applicants stay positive

A positive mindset can do wonders for students’ confidence. Successful MBA applicants replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. They also associate with fellow students who are positive and inspire them to do even better.  

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