FAQs on MBA subjects list

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree often helps jumpstart a student’s career. By teaching the fundamentals of business, these programmes foster a deeper understanding of various subjects. Here, we address some common questions students might have about MBA subjects list.

What are some of the subjects in an MBA programme?

MBA programmes have several subjects, each providing knowledge about different facets of business and management. Here are some common subjects included in MBA courses:

  • Financial management
  • Marketing management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • International Business
  • Legal and Business Environment

Can a student specialise in a particular area within an MBA programme?

MBA programmes allow students to specialise in specific domains aligned with their interests. For example, human resource management, digital marketing, and finance are among the most popular specialisations. Leading institutions like ours offer dual specialisation, ensuring students have diverse career options.

Why is research methodology an important subject to learn for MBA students?

Research methodology teaches students different ways of gathering and analysing data. They also learn how to interpret the said data in useful ways. With these abilities, MBA graduates can conduct market research and evaluate the effectiveness of business strategies.

How do I choose the right electives or specialisation?

The ideal specialisation often depends on a student’s interests and career aspirations. For instance, those aiming to become HR executives might choose human resource management, while those inclined towards numbers and financial dynamics of businesses might opt for finance. Before finalising a specialisation, it’s also important to research the industry’s landscape, understand the demand for specific roles, and evaluate potential career growth. Students need to consider questions such as: What are the job prospects in this industry? How has technology impacted this industry? What are the average salaries, and how do they grow with experience?

Are the subjects taught during an MBA relevant for career success?

The subjects taught during MBA programmes can help students develop critical thinking and leadership skills. They also help hone niche skills and form a business knowledge foundation. All of these skills and abilities are essential aspects in ensuring a successful career after the MBA programme is complete. These skills enable employees to climb the corporate ladder quickly and become irreplaceable parts of their organisations.

Are there subjects that focus on entrepreneurship and starting a business?

Yes, many MBA programmes offer comprehensive modules on entrepreneurship. These subjects are invaluable for those planning to establish their own businesses, guiding MBA graduates in making informed decisions.

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