28 August, 2021
Webinar Report

IQ City Unitedworld School of Business organized a webinar for aspiring managers and Malmanagement students on the 28th of August, 2021. The webinar titled "Skills Required in the New Normal" generated a lot of interest and more than 150 participants attended what turned out to be 90 minutes of highly interactive and engaging as well as illuminating discussion.

The panelists from areas as diverse as Manufacturing, Healthcare and Hospitality were Mr. Biresh Ranjan Das - Chief Human Resources Officer, Titagarh Wagons Ltd. - Mr. Maharshi Ghatak - Manager Corporate Marketing & TPA - and Mr. Suvrajit Bhattacharya, Finance, Novotel Guwahati – shared insights into what may become increasingly relevant in terms of skills going forward. The emerging scenario beyond the pandemic was dwelt upon and attendees were given a perspective on what to focus upon in terms skill development.

Mr. Biresh Ranjan Das stated emphatically that aspiring professionals need to be agile when it comes to acquiring new skills and capabilities. Mr. Maharshi Ghatak emphasized the importance of being sensitive to the market needs and demands and adapting quickly to be able to sustain and grow the business. Mr. Suvrajit Bhattacharya, was clear in his opinion that technology is going to become increasingly important and professionals will need to keep pace with developments in that area.

The students had a number of queries and questions and the panelists took pains to explain to them various aspects of the issue. With that kind of involvement and engagement, the session was bound to go beyond the 60 minutes that it was scheduled for.

Professor Ayaz Shafi - Associate Professor, IQ City Unitedworld School of Business – moderated the webinar.

The Speakers are as follows:

  1. Mr Maharshi Ghatak - Kothari Medical Centre
  2. Mr Biresh Ranjan Das - Titagarh Wagons Ltd
  3. Mr Suvrajit Bhattacharyya - Novotel