29 September, 2022
Teachers’ Day 2022
IQ City UWSB Teachers Day 2022 celebrations - It was an ode to the tireless efforts of the teachers who nurture and inspire countless students. They help the students in their pursuit of excellence and steer them towards success with constant guidance. The students of IQ City UWSB displayed their ability to 'manage' with this well planned and executed Teachers Day event. The fulfilled occasion became even more special with participation by the teachers in various engaging games and activities. Who can forget the beautiful songs sung by the teachers who impressed everyone with their impromptu performances and the students got the opportunity to reward their teachers with chocolates, a token of appreciation! Enthralling performances showcased the wide variety of talent our student body possesses from poetry to singing to dancing. A big shout out to all the students who handled the grand event skillfully and showcased their management acumen.