24 August, 2022
76th Independence Day Celebration
Incredible sacrifices made by the gallant heroes of the freedom struggle will always have an indelible influence on every son and daughter of mother India. Not only because the cost of freedom was so high but also it is about the fact that we have the same rebel blood flowing in our veins. And we are ready to fight for our motherland against all kinds of atrocities. Aren't we? To celebrate the 'life and freedom' after independence and at the same time to commemorate the great sacrifices made by generations of braveheart Indian freedom fighters, IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata organised an event that drenched us in a smorgasbord of emotions. We smiled, we laughed, we cried, and appreciated each and every performance by the students as they made us realise what freedom means to every Indian and every human being. Independent India has completed 75 years. With multiple paradigm shifts in technological advancements, progressive transformations in the educational sector, and social-economical growth, India is striding towards a hopeful future. We paid tribute to all who have taken us ahead and also to the Indian soldiers who have always protected us. The event had started with a special speech by Dr. Meenakshi Khemka and ended with a lil fun group photo session, both respectively filled the students' hearts with encouragement and joy, proving the combined efforts of the UWSBians to be a grand success.  
People at 76th Independence Day Celebration      Singing Performance at 76th Independence Day Celebration
Performance at 76th Independence Day Celebration     Drama Performance 76th Independence Day Celebration
76th Independence Day Celebration at IQ City UWSB     Students at 76th Independence Day Celebration