Time management tips for MBA students by IQ City UWSB Kolkata

Time management tips for MBA students by IQ City UWSB Kolkata   While studying an MBA course, you automatically become good at managing time.  You have to fit your coursework around existing commitments. Throughout your MBA journey, it is important to ensure that you’re being as productive and efficient as possible. If you think that you could be better at managing your time while pursuing your MBA programme, here are some time management tips  by IQ City UWSB Kolkata that you might find useful:    

  1. Set your priorities: It is essential to set your priorities so that you have a clear idea about tasks that are urgent and tasks that can wait. The best way for you to accomplish this is to create a to-do list. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly to-do lists, depending on your needs and planning.
        Tip: You can colour code your to-do list for better understanding. For example, you can use red for urgent tasks, orange for important tasks, and grey for tasks that are still in the    planning phase.  

  1. Clarity about your deadlines:

    This is one of those non-negotiable time management tips – as an MBA student, you must know your deadlines, otherwise you will have to rush at the eleventh hour. Note down all critical dates and prepare your study schedule according to the deadlines. This will allow you to plan your time more efficiently as you can clearly see exams or assignments are due.
      Tip: Set a deadline before the due date so that you can deal with other tasks that may get in the way.

  1. Break down tasks into smaller goals
Once you have figured out what’s the plan, break major tasks into smaller goals. Small goals are easy to manage and achieve. Thus, you can better visualise and take appropriate steps to reach your goal.
  1. Use technology to your advantage:
  There are digital apps that can help you better utilise your time. You can integrate these apps with your calendar and to-do list. It will send notifications so you never miss a deadline. If you think you have been wasting a lot of time on social media, certain apps will send you detailed reports of time spent on certain websites. You can even block distracting websites for certain hours of the day.  

  1. Do not overburden yourself:

    You need to be realistic about the time that you can commit to your studies. If you are unrealistic about the time, you will end up not completing tasks which can result in disappointment that may lead to self-doubt. While there will be times when you need to study early in the morning and/or late at night, make sure there’s always room for recreational activities so that you feel refreshed each time you go back to studying. Exercising, meditating, practising a hobby, catching up with a friend, or listening to music are some ways to unwind when you take breaks.
  1. Avoid Multitasking
Multitasking sounds like you’re getting more tasks at once. It adversely affects your productivity. Therefore, rather than multitasking and splitting your attention between different tasks, focus on getting one task done.   Looking for a good MBA school with good placement records? We, at IQ City UWSB Kolkata, offer 2 year full-time MBA programmes. The MBA includes 2 months of industry internship so that you receive hands-on training under the guidance of industry experts.  The curriculum also has many added modules on soft skills, leadership, public speaking, business communication, and networking skills so that you are ready to face the corporate world. Should you choose to study MBA at IQ City UWSB Kolkata, you can specialise in:

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