Software App for Management Students

Prof. Debangshu Mukherjee, Sr. Lecturer, IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata

Introduction: Time Management has been in focus for Management professionals and students for a while now – so much so that a number of organizations conduct Time Management workshops for their employees. As a student of Management you may have never thought of using a time management application before, but things are about to change drastically. An App has been created and it’s as simple as setting an alarm to your clock. The purpose is basically the same –  it aims to keep you aware of all the things that you have to do. These time management apps help students to better organize their college routines, remind them of their exams, dissertations and manage to do multiple assignments at the same time, thus enhancing multi-tasking ability among them. Some of the time management apps available are as follows. 1) Evernote Evernote is one of the most popular time management apps for students. It’s widely used by students of all ages for multiple purposes such as keeping notes, scheduling events, collecting clips, photos and films. In addition, students can create multimedia presentations with the help of this app. Management students may use this app to capture all their ideas, thoughts and images, assignments and study plans. It’s particularly useful for those students who are studying in several educational institutions or studying and working simultaneously. 2) Rescue Time This app helps time management by recording how and where they spend their time online. This productive app helps a student to note how much time a student spends on their favourite websites. Rescue Time tells us how a student spends their time on computer since if we know the spending time then only we can track wastage of time. Rescue Time runs in the background and tracks your online activity. Rescue Time run on background to track online activity that a student is performing. When we review our activity, including the two hours we spend watching music videos, we can rate the activity from “very distracting” to “very productive”. One can then set goals and track ones progress. 3) Google Calendar We use apps like Google, Gmail, Google Classroom but Google Calendar is a terrific planning appIt is a difficult job to remember every task for a university student. For this reason, Google created a great number of useful analytical, organizing and time management apps for more effective planning. Best of all is that it comes free. Life is dependent on Apps. Nowadays for every one of us irrespective of our identity and role in the society using Apps is inevitable. For the aspiring manager’s various management Apps is like a magic wand for solving multiple problems. Technology is not just about driving and running business, it is now getting a lot more personal.