Organising skills for students pursuing BBA course

Mastering organising skills is important for BBA students to succeed in their studies and future careers. It helps them be more productive, make better decisions, communicate effectively, work well in teams and adapt to changing circumstances. Here we discuss some of the useful insights on how students pursuing a BBA course can improve their organising skills. If you are a BBA student, you may find this read useful:

Plan your schedule: Plan your entire day beforehand. Make a schedule for the week or even the entire month in advance. Your schedule should include your classes, study time, extracurricular activities and personal time. Also, a well-crafted schedule will help you remember important assignment submissions or presentations and help prioritise your tasks effectively.

Use technology: You can use a digital planner to track the status of your assignments, tests and other important upcoming deadlines. These apps can be useful in planning your study time and to stay ahead of your workload. Also, use apps to take notes and set reminders. You can also use time management apps to study effectively.

Maintain a study plan: As a student of any discipline, specially a business or a management course, it is very important to follow a well-defined study plan. Following a study plan will help you manage your time effectively and keep you motivated. It will help you identify the areas that need improvements and seek support accordingly.

To maintain a study routine, you need to set specific time for self study, assignments and reviewing course materials. Also, with a well-crafted study plan, you reduce the chances of last-minute cramming as you are more organised and composed. You will have ample time to review and understand the material, thus helping you score better marks.

Keep study materials organised: Keep your class notes and study materials well organised and in one place. You can organise them in a separate binder, or file folder according to subjects. When you have organised notes, you can access them whenever you need to refer to them.

Use flashcards: Using flashcards to learn the names and dates of various business policies and concepts can be very helpful.

Stay focused: Turn off your phone or put it on silent mode while you are studying. Try to maintain a quiet environment while studying. Meditate often or listen to soothing music which can help you concentrate. Also, stress management is an important part of staying organised while pursuing a BBA course.

Practising the above mentioned organising skills can help the students to effectively manage their time and prioritise the more important tasks at hand.

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