Management lessons to learn from Peter Drucker

When it comes to management principles, there’s no better thought leader than Peter Drcuker. His name is synonymous with modern management. He was among the first people to come up with a people-centred approach to business management.  Drucker’s books and work are read and referred to by business leaders, organisations, managers and many other professionals worldwide.  

If you are planning to apply to MBA colleges and to become a manager someday, here are some of the management lessons from Drucker that you may find useful:  

1. Learn to manage yourself

  It is a manager’s job to manage resources and people to carry out a company’s plan so that it can achieve specific goals.  To become a good manager,  it is important  that you yourself are disciplined. Drucker said that to be a good manager one needs to lead by example and then  expect others to perform at the highest levels.  

2. Know your strengths

  Drucker said, “ to focus on weakness is not only foolish; it is irresponsible.” To be a good manager, Drucker said, one must build on strengths. For identifying strengths, Drucker suggested what he called “feedback analysis.” Whenever making important decisions, managers should write down the outcome that they expect first. When results are achieved, compare them with the expected outcomes. This will help them identify their strengths that they can further build on.  

3. Don’t be busy, rather be productive

  This is one of the most important lessons. Drucker wrote, “It’s amazing how many things busy people are doing that will never be missed.” The key to productivity is to focus on things that matter. According to Drcuker, managers must ask , “What would happen if this was not done at all?” If the answer is that nothing would happen, it means that the task is a waste of time.  

4. If it’s happening for the second time, it’s not a mistake

  Drucker wrote, “A crisis that recurs a second time is a crisis that must not ever occur again.” According to Drucker,  if similar mistakes are recurring, the problem is with the process that is letting the mistakes occur in the first place.  Good managers should focus on the pattern and process leading to mistakes and not the mistake itself.  

5. Make the most of meetings

  A meeting without an agenda is a waste of time.  It is important for good managers to ensure that the meetings are result -oriented.   According to Drucker, “Most meetings discuss ‘problems’ and not solutions. By focusing more on solutions, Drucker said the meetings can be used as opportunities for improvement and foresee the future.  

6. Set goals writing

  Drucker wrote that effective managers know what they are set out to achieve and this they can do by putting  their goals in writing. The goals should be specific and not  something vague. According to him, what gets measured gets managed.  

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