How to Prepare for MBA Admissions? Useful Insights by IQ City UWSB, Kolkata

MBA is one of the most sought after degree programmes in India. It offers hands-on training on management techniques and strategies that create young innovative leaders of the future. An MBA degree helps students land prestigious job offers which also boosts their career. MBA admissions in India is a challenging process. With the right strategy, practice and discipline, it is possible to get an admission in a business school. If you are an MBA aspirant preparing for MBA admissions, here are some important insights by IQ City United World School of Business ( IQ City UWSB), Kolkata:

Research MBA programmes

MBA programmes are offered by many colleges in India. You need to research the particular programmes that you are interested in. Consider your interests and goals before you go for an MBA degree. Your degree should align with your career goals for the future. It is also important to consider the admission requirements while preparing for MBA admissions. When looking for an MBA programmes, you need to look into some of the important factors such as:

  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Specialisations offered
  • Accreditation
  • Infrastructure
  • Placement
  • Alumni

Work on your communication skills

Communication skills are essential when you are seeking an MBA admission. It helps you stand out among other candidates. Effective communication encompasses several elements, including excellent conversational skills, polished presentation abilities, precise writing, and the capacity to understand others. To bolster your communication skills, consider reading extensively, practise speaking with ease, and improve your ability to organise your thoughts before speaking. Also, attend different public speaking workshops. It is also important to be a good listener to communicate effectively with others.

Prepare for entrance exams

Entrance exams require rigorous preparations. Having high scores in these examinations can increase your chances of getting accepted in the top business schools in the country.

Build your profile

During MBA admissions, the admission committee will consider your profile. Your profile constitutes your academic record, achievements so far, work experience or internships, extra curricular activities and social contributions. To ace this round, you need to build a profile that includes relevant academic history and work experience. Your profile must also include recommendations from industry professionals.

Prepare for interviews

Once the first set of screening rounds are cleared, you need to face the interview round. Interviews are meant to assess your skills and capabilities up close. There is a panel of interviewers who will ask you different questions that you need to answer correctly with confidence. Interview rounds are your chance to showcase your communication, knowledge and wit all at once. Hence, you need to prepare accordingly.

To prepare for the MBA admission interview, you should anticipate potential questions and practice delivering your answers beforehand. The panel will likely ask about your strengths, weaknesses, and different skills, so it’s important to be thoughtful and precise in your responses. You should also be prompt and confident while highlighting your achievements during different discussions.

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