For students pursuing an MBA course: check this read on social skills and emotional intelligence

In simple terms, emotional intelligence refers to a set of skills related to how we communicate our emotions. It involves accurately expressing our own emotions, understanding others’ emotional cues, and managing and controlling our own emotions. Now, what about social intelligence? Think of social intelligence as having knowledge and skills in understanding people and social situations. If you are planning to pursue or are already pursuing an MBA course, here are some useful tips on building social skills and emotional intelligence:

  1. Improve your communication skills. Good communication is not just about speaking, but also about listening attentively. Being a good listener helps you understand messages clearly without getting distracted. Likewise, being a good speaker allows you to convey messages without any confusion. When you have strong communication skills, you can better understand and respond to emotional cues, enabling you to interact appropriately in various situations.

  2. It’s important to have control over your emotions, behaviours, and impulses in order to respond appropriately in different situations. If you often experience emotional outbursts, there are techniques you can practise to effectively manage your emotions. Deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness exercises can be helpful in gaining control. These practices not only assist with emotional regulation but also contribute to becoming a better communicator. Another helpful approach is to understand your behaviour patterns and identify triggering factors. Writing down or journaling your feelings can provide insight into your emotions and help you find healthier ways to manage them in the future. By recognizing these patterns, you can develop strategies for handling challenging situations more effectively.

  3. Improve your persuasion and influence abilities. Persuasion involves effectively motivating others and convincing them to embrace your ideas. Individuals with high emotional intelligence excel at persuading others to support their proposed actions. They possess the ability to understand the emotional dynamics of a situation and tailor their approach to resonate with all parties involved.

  4. Be accountable for your actions. If you’ve hurt someone’s feelings, take the initiative to apologise directly. Avoid ignoring what you’ve done or avoiding the person involved. Making a genuine effort to make things right demonstrates sincerity and increases the chances of forgiveness and moving forward.

  5. Having empathy involves recognising and understanding the emotions of others. Being empathetic means being aware when others need assistance with their work and addressing conflicts in a considerate manner. Empathy enables you to show compassion and foster genuine relationships with others. It also helps you remain flexible and approachable.

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