Accounts degree Or Finance degree which one is best fitted for you?

Prof. Debayan Ray, Assistant Professor, IQ City United World School of Business, Kolkata Confused about Accounts degree or finance degree? Confused about which degree would be the best fitted for you? that you have to consider multiple aspects including education, skills required, carrier aspect etc in both of these field. First when you finalized your carrier decision in this field then you should start from your school level and you have the option to involve yourself in this field by pursuing commerce after 10th class in your school irrespective of any of these field. Generally, if you have only undergraduate degree then it is a minimum degree to involve yourself in this field where as post graduate degree will help you to become much more important member in this field. In Accounts carrier one has to play with numbers and also this process includes identifying transaction then classifying, organizing and recording of daily transaction in various books of accounts and preparing the report which finance department will use later on and conduct detailed analysis of these data for taking strategic decision for the company. Accountant degree will give you various options to work any companies that may be private and public, under a single person also or they can work as self-employed etc. Accountants work for their clients for recording and preparing all the financial statement for any accounting period also they can assist you with tax planning and other financial planning where as finance professionals are there with top level managers and executives for making and implementation of financial strategies which will ultimately help the organization in financial growth. Investment firms, portfolio management firms, government office, financial advisory, retirement planning, etc all of these carrier options are there for finance professionals. Financial professionals first do the counselling of their client and then provide the appropriate services for the client. If you think that this finance and accounting field is best fitted field for you then you must complete your master’s degree or other post graduate degree in finance and accounting subject then you will get much more better jobs in this field.